Reacting to the Past

Reacting to the Past is an educational role playing game in which students take on the roles of historical figures.  Students build on their existing knowledge by researching their historical character then applying this knowledge to inform how their character would handle challenges in their time period.

After the end of the game I relate the actual historical events, and we discuss how it’s easy for people studying history to assume historical events were “always going to turn out that way”, but people at the time would have been both facing individual choices (as represented by the students’ actions) and things outside of individual or even human control (as represented by my actions).  Students were incredibly enthusiastic about Reacting to the Past, and reported feeling more interested and invested in the material they were learning about, as well as gaining a deeper understanding of the workings of Roman politics and society.


Prezi is a non-linear alternative to Powerpoint.  In this video, I use my "Roman House" file to demonstrate how Prezi's flexibility can be helpful when presenting. (Length: 1 minute and 55 seconds)

Battle(ship) of Salamis

Battle(ship) of Salamis is a fun way to practice noun and verb forms.  The links below the image let you download the board and instructions for the game.


(My contribution to this game was improving the visuals; please speak up if you are the original creator, as I'd like to give you credit.)