I am gradually labeling my photos from sites in Italy to make available to others.  The posted photos have been enhanced to improve visibility on a projector screen, and the original files are available upon request.  Attribution would be appreciated if it's convenient, but these can be treated as public domain.

Attributes of Minerva

Casa dell'Efebo

Pompeii 1.7.11

Fresco with Apollo playing the lyre, Augustan period, found on the Palatine near the Scalae Caci,

Palatine Museum

Excavated house

Cosa, Italy

Temple of Juno Sospita

columns embedded in wall of San Nicola in Carcere church

Rome, Italy

Round Temple

Forum Boarium

Detail of columns and

marble cella wall

Rome, Italy

Suovetaurilia relief

Pig, sheep, and bull being led to sacrifice

Rome, Italy

Inscription on the Tabularium

Quintus Lutatius Catulus dedication

Rome, Italy

Section of entablature

Unidentified Flavian temple

Capitoline Museum

Rome, Italy

Pons Aemilius

aka Ponte Rotto

2nd century bridge over Tiber

destroyed in 16th century CE

Rome, Italy

The Thirteen Altars

Lavinium, Italy

Forum Marble Floor

Marble paving

(partially reconstructed)

Forum of Vespasian /

Temple of Peace, Rome

Capitolium Temple

Cosa, Italy


Men’s changing room

Forum Baths

Pompeii, Italy

Doorway (double exposure)

Men’s changing room

Forum Baths

Pompeii, Italy

Detail of wall painting

First/second Pompeiian style

Villa of the Mysteries

Pompeii, Italy

Water feature


House of Octavius Quartio

Pompeii, Italy

Detail of carved marble veneer

Forum of Augustus

Rome, Italy

Underground passage to gladiator barracks


(area below floor-level)


Rome, Italy

detail of wall painting

Burial chamber

Pyramid of Cestius

Rome, Italy

detail of niche painting

Auditorium of Maecenas

Rome, Italy

Polyphemus painting

Tomb of the Orc

Tarquinia, Italy

False door wall painting

Tomba dei Caronti

Tarquinia, Italy